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How to spy with binoculars Answered

well you guys see ive just brought anew pair of binocs and i wnat to know some good spying tips from my bedroom window. lol (peeping)



hey man try this ..https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-your-Binocular-Lens-Less-Visible/

1) Don't let yourself be spotted 2) Put something on the front part of the lenses so that there won't be any glare from your binocs. 3) I don't know. 4) You figure out another way. 5) Use a webcam so that it'll look like you just put the binocs. there and you're not using it.

hahaha I just moved into an apartment and have never lived in one before.  I face directly across from two other apartment buildings.  I have crazy binoculars that some old crazy bird watching enthusiast  would probably crap they're pants over and I have put them to good use lately.   Spying is really fun.   It's fun to be creepy.   TIPS:  Make sure the room you are in is dark.   You'll see much clearer.   You'll also feel more stealth and spylike looking out into other people's room in the pitch dark.  Look for windows that are brightly lit and have no blinds or open blinds,  or even semi-see through ones will do.  After a few nights of spying you''ll figure out the neighbors that have the most action.   In truth,  most apartments I look into contain old fat men sitting on couches eating something out of bowls.   Sometimes I still watch them.     I don't know what I"m looking for.  Maybe one day I'll witness a murder!  Then he'll look up sharply and stare directly at me... ohhhhh creepy.   People having sex?  Maybe...   but what if they're old?   Ahhhh I might still watch.   haha.  Good luck in your spying.

Attach a laser pointer to the bottom for a great prank on someone across the street


10 years ago

I have a tip for you...Buy Low Sell High.

wht do you mean buy low sell high?

stock tips. Almost everyone knows that, you try to buy the stocks when prices are low and sell when prices are high.

ok,you might want to get tinted combat lenses,those help lowering the light of the reflection of the sun,also you want to be on a prone blending in with you background,at night you can wear black and prone,i always do that when i need to do some "recon" for my freinds.

Because black isn't a naturally occurring color, it's best to wear dark browns and greens, that way you will blend in better, and if anyone sees you, you won't look as out of place.

i spy on............................................stuffff.

what stuff ill promise to keeep it asecret for your "reconicesnse" work i bet its peeping at your neighbors on friday nghts lol.

lol,fine,its kids in another neigborhood,we usualy have airosft wars and im usualy picked for recon because i have a sniper,so i need to blend in with my surroundings.

cool, but its more fun when they don,t know you are spying on them and you have a clear vue of waht they are doing come to my orangeboard and well discuss spy tips :)

get curtains and look through the side of them { not the middle)and always stay very still

come on you guys give me tips!

Best tip i can give you is make sure the direction you are looking in. The sun is not out, because if the suns rays catches your lense it will glow up very bright. People will see you very easily.

ditto, though I do know some binocs. have lense filters on so this is not a problem. If you're not sure you could try reflecting the sun somewhere to test.