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How to start a High School Radio Station? Answered

With some friends at high school we have started a radio club. We are currently just streaming over the internet. I'm interested to know how complicated it actually is to broadcast over the FM radio. I know its possibly to receive a low power broadcast much easier but I still don't know how expensive that would be and difficult to acquire. I'm sure its a bit out of reach but i do know other high schools broadcast.



5 years ago

If you want to get a full power licensed radio station your school would have to outlay significant money to see first if there's a frequency open where an LPFM station could be put on the air, Then you have to wait for the FCC to open up the filing window so you can apply for a construction permit. The engineering studies and legal assistance needed to get this off the ground could cost more than your school district would even want to spend.

If you're interested in a campus-only station for the students a great online resource is CampusBroadcaster.netwhich is part of HobbyBroadcaster.net. The site has quite a bit of information regarding the legalities of Part 15 low power radio, technical information with equipment reviews, station profiles including college and high school stations and a forum for meeting others interested in low power radio. The info there should help you build a campus station for the school.

You can also legally stream online as there are sites like Live365 that can provide streaming and the royalty coverage you need to keep the school station legal. If the school also does sports you could also broadcast that so people at home could listen to the games, too.

Good luck with building a station for the school. It could be a great experience for you and fellow students.


5 years ago

1. Get premission and backing from your school.

To do this you need to put forward a reasonable costed plan.

You may need to go for a wire system you can run at lunch time or something.

transmitting is always covered by a range of laws you need to look into.

You need a copyright licence to transmit music

Once you get that far equipment can be sourced.


5 years ago

There are many small FM transmitters available on ebay, but you must be concerned about obeying FCC rules. This FM transmitter available on ebay claims to broadcast low power that will transmit about 200 feet.


The transmitter is only about ten dollars.
If the transmitter was placed in a classroom near the middle of your school, it would probably cover the whole building. They have a link in the advertisement that takes you to a PDF file that describes FCC limitations and other information you would need.

If you know of another highschool that broadcasts in your area, that would be a good place to go to ask questions.