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How to start a online library ? Answered

How do I to start an online library where say I buy an Ebook our Emovie  and have it in a system where people can log in and borrow an Ebook or other media. So, say I buy 100 Ebooks and upload them to the system and now people can download a book and read it and then put it back in the system.  What software or program would I need to make this?

update what if I use ebooks me and my friends make and don't buy them is there a system for that.  


I don't know about Kobo, but if the ebooks are bought from Amazon, they already have a system for lending the books.

If you lend them through your own site, without permission from the copyright holder, you'll be looking down the wrong end of a copyright suit.

However, there's nothing stopping you collecting your own stable of authors.

Yes when you buy an ebook on amazon you do not own the book you just get permission too read it.

You need to have legal access to the copyright for that book/film - Libraries pay a fee every year to the authors and film owners to allow them to lend freely. buying the Ebook does not entitle you to loan it to anyone.

Because this is a pretty unique situation with few doing it on a commercial scale outside libraries I think you will have to create your own software system. there isn't anything off the shelf.


3 years ago

Go to a real physical library and talk to the librarian about how they can check out e books and what the copyright laws allow. If nothing else they can probably find you a book that has the information.


3 years ago

Call the lawyers to protect you Right NOW.