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How to start an earthworm bed? Answered

I mean I've picked the spot (behind my fig tree), but what else do I need? What do I put in the dirt to attract the worms. I've heard grits, corn meal, news paper, potatoe peelings and dish water. But what works...its almost fishing season and worms are too high to buy so I am making my own bed. Thanks a lot!


Stay away from dishwater, the soap changes the pH of the water and reduces the surface tension of the water (worms like moist dirt, not swimming). Just like skunkbait says, organic materials, shredded paper (the starch is what they feed on), potato peels, carrot peels (vegetable waste, but NO MEAT!), leaves, grass, etc. will make it good. Look for the instructables on composting using worms, and that is basically a worm bed, just like you would like to have.

I don't know about the dishwater, but the others sound good. Also find a pile of decaying leaves. Oak and other hardwoods are best. Dig down to where the leaves are basically becoming dirt. They have a rich, fresh, dirty smell. Pile that through most of your wormbed. Cover that with leaves, potatoe peels, and decaying vegtable matter.