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How to start an instructable? Answered

I am trying to start an instructable, and every time I try to publish it, it doesn't publish. Can anyone give me some help? Thanks



10 years ago

Yeah, they can take several hours to show up, and they don't necessarily show up everywhere at the same time.

I did notice that this one shows up on your profile, for example - but it's not listed under Explore -> Recent yet, and doesn't show up in a Search.

Just give it a bit more time...

The example you quote isn't actually ready to publish (due to a glaring lack of photos and rather unclear instructions), and has a message from Robot to explain so.

Sometimes not just a few hours though. I published a video 10 days ago and it never showed up except for my profile. I unpublished it today and I'm going to see if republishing it will do anything in a day or so.

If it takes more than a couple of days (not counting weekends) for your projects to show up, they may have been trapped in the site filters (it depends partly on what keywords you used). If there is a worrying delay, rather than mess about un-publishing and re-publishing (which will just re-start the delay), PM one of the Management and ask them to check things out. If you're worried about missing contest deadlines, don't be - the "published on" date recorded by the system is the date on which you clicked the button to publish it, not the date it shows up in the lists.


sorry, I've never ever said that before, but this occasion called for it!!!!


It may take a little bit of time for it to "show up as published"....or are you saying that every time you try, it throws an error?