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How to stick wood and metal ? Answered

I want to stick a wooden piece to a motor shaft I am not getting what glue or matrial to use. Please Help
Thanx in advance


I like the key pin idea. If you can't drill a hole in the shaft, you might be able to :

drill a hole in the band of a pipe or band clamp
put a bolt through it ( head against the shaft, thread going outward)
Put clamp around the motor shaft.
Put bolt through wood and secure with lock nut

I've done this to attach wood to a non rotating pipe. If the motor shaft is going to be spinning at any speed, be careful of getting the balance out of whack and that the wood part(and whatever you use to attach it) can handle the speed.

(Says the person who has had the 'securely attached' piece richochet around the workshop... Not fun)

Best o' luck!

Glue may not be your best option (particularly if/when your motor is running). Would there be a way for you to modify the shaft, such as adding threads to allow you to put the wood piece on and secure with a fastener? It would also help to see pictures of the parts and how you'd like them joined.

hole and key-pin or cotter pin would be most reliable.