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How to stop glare on a wireless camera? Answered

where is the glare from why dose it  come from can anyone help?


You stop lens "flare" in a wireless camera the same way you stop it in a wired camera.

Glare or "flare" is caused when a bright light reflects off the surfaces of the inside of the lens.  It's caused by a light that is too bright compared to the rest of the scene.  It can be controlled by using a lens hood or aiming to get the light away from the view of the camera.  It can even be a light source that is not seen in the viewfinder.

See this article.

its not the camera lens it is the receiver antenna for the camera.

I don't see how a receiver antenna can cause glare in the camera unless the antenna is in front of the lens. If so then move the antenna.


7 years ago

well its not the sun it's the reviver antenna what is not capable of a long distance

You can see why lens flare occurs from the picture below. To fix the problem, you're going to need a lens hood. It blocks all light rays from entering from outside the actual viewing area.