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How to stop windows seven from adjusting settings when plugs are inserted/removed? Answered

I am using a laptop running windows seven, for presentation purposes. My problem is that if I put/pull the VGA cable, charger, etc in/out of the computer, some of the settings (mainly screen settings, but some others too) will change.

Another problem I have with it is that when I connect/disconnect audio/network devices to the computer, several messages pop up telling me that a device has been plugged in/removed. How do I stop this? I know exactly what I have plugged in. I don't want the computer telling me this information.

Is there a way to stop the computer from doing this?



8 years ago

Get a Mac.

But really, no idea, I have to mess with 7 and those popups bug me too.


8 years ago

The only setting that should change with plugin should be the power cord -- in which case goto your control panel and adjust your power profile --
Each setting has 2 options, 'while plugged in' and 'while on battery' -- the main reason is you can shut down power hungry hardware, etc when unplugged. Make all the settings the same for plugged in/unplugged and save it as a custom power profile. From then on it should stay how you want it all the time. I personally do this with one exception: When unplugged, sleep after 15 and hibernate after 30. That way, I don't come back to a dead battery quite so often.

As for disappearing the hardware connection notices: Lots of people complain about the realtek HD audio drivers: http://www.quomon.com/question-How-do-I-disable-A-jack-has-been-plugged-in-notification-6768.aspx

just disable the program and you'll disable the notifications.