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How to stop your fingers from freezing while walking in cold weather, besides just wearing gloves? Answered

Would wearing mittens over the gloves help. I recently realized that the more properly your head is covered, the longer it takes your gloved hands to freeze



"Would wearing mittens over the gloves help." You bet it will. A pair of wool gloves, in gore-tex mittens will most definitely keep your hands warm. And keep your hands moving. Like the rest of your body, the longer you keep your blood circulating, the warmer you'll be


9 years ago

In addition to what DiamondBack posted, I would add that it is important to keep your wrists as warm as possible. Your blood flows very close to the surface at the wrist and uncovered or poorly protected wrists will reduce or negate the warming effects of mittens or gloves, no matter how many pairs of them you wear. Also, it's critical that your handwear not be too tight: you want some dead air space around your fingers (this is why mittens are warmer than gloves made out of the same material) and you do not want to constrict your circulation. Good luck ...and stay warm!

Denger, I walked to work today in 12 degree weather. I put on 2 pairs of gloves, since I haven't purchased the Gore-Tex mittens yet. Good to know about the blood flow. Yeah, I made sure my fingers were far down, away from the finger tips, and my fingers didn't freeze. I ducked into a CVS pharmacy halfway to work, just to blow my nose and for the rest of the walk, my fingers were nice and warm. The entire walk took me about 35 minutes. I am thinking that if it gets to below 5 degrees this winter, in NYC that I will be able to do continue with my daily walks. Again, Thanks!

12 degrees above zero? Balmy! (to us Minnesotans.) I forgot to mention, if you're shopping for good warm gloves or mitts to wear in very cold weather, look for those made with Thinsulate by 3M. It will keep your fingers quite toasty... and then you'll only need one pair.

I don't live in a cold climate but this information is great to know!  Just in case I go somewhere really cold! Thanks!


9 years ago

Yeah, you can wear two pairs of gloves, it will help.

Jeff-o, Yes I tried two pairs of gloves and it worked in 12 degree weathe in NYC. Thanks!