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How to straighten 6"x48" - 3/8 low carbon steel plate warped? Answered

How can I straighten a warped [in y-z axis, 48" axis o.k.] 6"x48" - 3/8" plate low carbon steel?  I've tried heat straightening and hammering but have made one section flat and another worse?


With something that big it need to be heated and go through rollers to flatten it. You need to approach a local engineering firm and see if they can do it for you.

For future work I am actually thinking of getting an english wheel. I want to do barrels and curves too so I am thinking about buying three rolls of 2" bar and a hydraulic arm and making a small roller. With care and heat I think it can be used to straighten as well [or just using two rollers for that?]. See above for why I took one month to realize I had a response!

It more of a shrinking/stretching problem than a straightening one.

Go to youtube.com and search "shrinking metal", "stretching metal" and "straightening metal".

Most of what you'll find pertains to sheet metal but the logic transfers.

When you straightened one side you stretched or shrunk the other side basically just moving the warp.   It's a balancing act. Sometimes a small change here makes something change over there.  If you had 20 years experience in it you could do it in your sleep.

Good luck and keep your thumb out of the way.