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How to stream live video from a webcam using raspberry pi? Answered

Hi, I have had my raspberry pi for about 3 months now and I purchased it with the intention of mounting it on an RC car so I can have live video. The problem is that the pi doen't support flash so I cannot simpley run my webcam through a program like skype.

I have bought a wifi usb dongle with the rtl8188cus chip and want to be able to drive it within range of my modem. I also a have a proper tx and rx for an rc plane because I prefer the joystick control. So the olny thing the raspberry pi needs to do is stream live video at a high fps.

Can anyone provide me with instructions on how I can stream live video at high fps on my raspberry pi?

Thanks, David.



5 years ago

You don't need or want flash. Are you fairly Linux-literate ?
What you need to do is use something like ffmpeg to get the data off the camera and prepped, and then ffserver

See if your camera is compatible from here http://www.ideasonboard.org/uvc/#devices


Answer 5 years ago

Thanks, that driver list will help a lot. I will try it the next chance I get but that might not be for awhile because I have exams :/