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How to submit a phone to 411 ? Answered

Does anyone know how to submit a phone # to directory assistance?  I have called a few different phone providers, but the most ligitimate answer I got was "I don't know".  Everyone else told me it couldn't be done.  This can't be true... Right?  I mean, how does everyone else do it???  Thanks in advance for the help!  :)



Best Answer 6 years ago

The NANP, Directory Assistance (or 411) system is owned by a company called Neustar and covers North America. They get landline numbers (residential and business) directly from telephone providers and keep listed numbers in a database. They don't accept submissions from individuals who want to be included in the service, but all new landline numbers get submitted regularly (with the exception of 800 numbers, fax numbers, etc). If your landline number is not listed, contact your telephone provider and ask them why. (Perhaps you opted for an unlisted number). Cellphone numbers are an opt in service (so I've been told), so if you're trying to get a cellphone number listed, you must contact your provider. You may run into an issue of "I don't know" and that's likely due to the low number of people wanting their cellphone numbers added to a directory. There could also be varying policies and systems in place between providers. Keep in mind that many of these companies use foreign customer service departments, which undoubtably confuse matters. One way or another you should be able to get your number listed.


6 years ago

An interesting question. Back in the days before everyone had their own cell phone, (where I come from) your home phone number was automatically in the directory when you were connected up for the first time, unless you requested a silent number. We also had a single national carrier. A quick look in the local phone book reveals that some people now have only a cell number listed, and we have numerous carriers nowdays. If it were me in your position, I would look up somebody I knew in the phonebook, give them a call and ask how they got their number listed.