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How to sweeten a new kettle Answered

My new electric kettle is now three weeks old and despite over 40 lots of water being boiled in it, the taste of it is STILL foul - tasting like an old drain - The water supply is fine - if we boil a saucepan of water, it's perfectly fine. What can I do to treat this problem ? - The water from this kettle is terrible, you can even SMELL it by merely sniffing the thing.?



return it to the store and replace it. When you bring the new one home, wash it very thoroughly with an organic degreaser, then with alot of salt and a little water, followed by dishwashing detergent and through rinse. I'm guessing that the mfg didn't clean it properly after it was made. They're suppose to undergo a hi temp hi pressure wash to remove solvents and oils from food equipment...

Sounds like good advice to me. You may also want to try giving it a scrub with baking soda. That's particularly useful for removing coffee oils, but it might be helpful for other things as well.

that's a great idea. I often use baking soda, white vinegar, and salt (not generally together) for a variety of food related cleaning and deodorization...like when I find a cool old piece at a house sale or similar and am slightly grossed out by someone else's unknown use...Especially when using white vinegar to soak stuff...I follow with baking soda and thorough rinse. One very typical use of baking soda is as a deodorizer for refrigerators and cabinets. I keep one box (not for cooking) in my spice cabinet for just that purpose, because when it's not there the cabinet begins to stinks of too many different spices and another in the frig..

Something in your water maybe reacting with the metal the kettle is made of. Get some bottled water and check it by boiling the bottled water.