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How to switch between 2 outputs. Answered

Hi. I will try my best to make this intelligible. I have a chaser circuit and I am trying to get all 8 LEDs on at once when power is applied and then the chase circuit to start. At the moment I have a toggle switch which I use to switch between all LEDs on and the chaser if that makes sense. In other words, I put the switch to the left, all LEDs on. Then I switch to the right, all LEDs go off and the chaser goes on. My question is, is there a way to do this without my manual switching? 
Hope this makes sense because it's doing my head in trying to explain. 
Many thanks for any input this may receive. 
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Best Answer 5 years ago

This is a simple microprocessor application...
Our ledartist just published an ible you want to see..


Hi thanks for that. I was hoping not to go down the microprocessor route but I will give it a go. It's a great instructable and I look forward to trying it out.
Many thanks again

If you can buy a kit from ledartist then you can program it yourself to do
your all LEDs on at power up ( I call that a Lamp-Test ) and sequential
after that.

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PS.... You are correct this could be done without the micro but would
take about seven individual ICs.
  1. A dual 556 timer
  2. A 4017 sequential shifter
  3. A dual quad selector
  4. Two buffer drivers
  5. Another 4017 IC
  6. Several glue logic chips

Ha. Wow I think I will stick with the micro in that case.
Thanks for your help