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How to take care orphan kittens? Answered

I had a cat who died after giving birth.. she had a complication and after 2 surgery she died and left 5 kittens in my care.
I gave them Lactol, its powder milk for puppies and kittens but they get diarrhea. So i give them pedialyte to calm their tummy and sugar+water and gel vitamins (nutri-plus gel).
They are 3 weeks old now, going to 4 weeks in 2 days. And I need suggestion on what to do next. What to give them. Should I try giving them kitten food or something? because I think the milk only get them diarrhea again.
Ok I've add pics of the kittens all big now. Only 2 of them survive after hard struggle.
One is a female tortoiseshell (Arathea) and the other one is a male dark grey tabby (Ceyx).
There's pic of them playing at the backyard. Very very active kittens, almost a handful but I'm happy they are growing up healthy.
One of the things I would like to share is.. the vet told me you can feed baby food/baby porridge to sick cats or kittens if milk is not an option or if they have diarrhea. You can give a red rice porridge for 3-6 month old babies to animals. You can also add a little honey to the mix. Red rice porridge have high vit B which is good for cats and kittens. I hope this can be useful.


Kittens, when left with their mothers, will nurse until they are about 8 weeks old or until their mother's had just about enough of them.  They start eating solid food before being weaned though.  If they will eat soupy milky canned kitten food that you mix up, you can probably go for that, but it has to be a nursing formula and canned food made for kittens.  You may have to hand feed them.  Diarrhea may be due to a change in diet and probably should be expected.  At about 8 weeks old, you do not have to provide formula, but it won't hurt them unless they start getting fat.  In a couple weeks the kittens will need to be dewormed and receive their first round of vaccinations.  Getting in contact with the vet will be best and eventually necessary.  Once the kittens are at least 2 lbs and 4 months old, they can be spayed/neutered.

Do not feed the kittens puppy food.  Dog/puppy food is bad for cats/kittens for a number of reasons.  The lactol is fine.

first month a pupy must recive 2 milk and 2 meat rations per day. i suggest you buy quality food in a store. at this age the most important is calcium and phosphor but it is difficult to give them right ammount of it. usually the biggest problem in homemade food is too little calcium and to much phosphor. i also suggest you buy puppy food and force them to eat if necessary by using a siringe without the needle.

I dont have any vet in my town (pfffftt..) But I'm consulting to a vet via phone.
There's a vet in a neighbour city and thats 3 hours ride away (thats 6 hours back and forth).. will visit soon as possible.
Any tips here are greatly appreciated :)

Please post some more pictures over the next few weeks. My kids are really interested in them.

Ok I've add some pics of them. Only 2 survive, but they are growing up healthy and veeeeeerry active and playful. I'm so haapy :)

Thank you for the tips. I hope it will be useful for everyone who have puppies and reads this :)

Puppies are likely to have completely different nutrional requirements to Kittens.
Certainly cats are obligate carnivores, dogs are omnivores. That's bound to affect the dietary requirements.



8 years ago

The other thing you could do is to get in touch with a cat society/cat breeder, even if you do it online. A cat owners website should have a forum with members who perhaps have gone through this-they will give you advice through experience.

Good luck to you, and adding my compliments for your efforts with these little ones!

You really need to talk to a vet, but 4 weeks sounds about 2 weeks to early to wean kittens.

Well done on looking after the little guys.