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How to teach a sxi-year-old boy? Answered

I am now having a part-time job, which is teaching a kid with simple mathe and chinese. The boy's father has a high expectation with him, so I cannot just play games with the boy and I am supposed to teach him something in the textbook.
And after teaching him for a week, I found that it is really difficult for him to focus on what i am saying. Like when I was drawing apples and telling him how to count numbers, he was completely concerntrated. And once I finished talking, he started to ask questions like why Tom Cat always chases Jerry Mouse....
Also, sometimes he interrupt me and ask why he has something that other girls don't have. I was so embarrassed because his father was in the next room.
Sincerely, how to teach him?


Do what he likes to do. Somehow incorporate his version of "fun" into an educational activity.


At age six, much of his education can be buy stealth.

Let him watch Tom & Jerry, but he has to keep some sort of score (like, how many times each character hits the other).

When he has watched a cartoon, he has to write or tell a story about a cartoon he makes up himself (thus teaching him his Chinese).

As for his embarrassing question, the simple answer for a non-qualified teacher is "that's what makes you a boy and not a girl".

First, are you a certified teacher? What credentials do you have? You should be able to incorporate games to the teaching of children since this is how children learn. It seems that the father of this child has unrealistic expectations for this child. Children are naturally inquisitive and they will ask questions. Asking questions are part of learning. In my opinion the father and you are expecting this six year old child to behave and learn like an adult. How long is the tutoring? Is the child allowed to play? How long are the sessions? Why isn't this child learning in a structured environment with other children?

Dude, I totally agree with your opinion. When I was six years old, I ask "what's that" or "what's this used for" every time I saw something new. To tell the truth, If I can I would like to take this kid to the park and let him learn something while enjoying the nature.
However, I am just a employee of his father. As long as he pays me, I have to do what he requires. No offence but you may not know how chinese parents are crazy about educating their children, even when the kids are just in the kindergaden. I understand them.

I am not a english speaking person, so I may have some grammar mistakes. Please understand. :D


6 years ago

Incorporate his fantasies into math and give rewards after effort..

Nicomachean ethics must be translated into Chinese with all the
interesting advise and stories could entrance a curious boy, you could
teach Chinese and why ethics is important...


Instead of apples, have him count Tom Cat's and Jerry Mouse's (mice). I think a boy that young will concentrate more if you keep the learning fun.

If he asks you embarrassing questions like that, simply tell him those are questions he must ask his father. That your job is to teach him math and chinese.

I hope that helps. ;-)