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How to tie into an existing water alarm with an arduino and make it send texts and/or make prerecorded phone calls? Answered

I have a water alarm that I purchased from Lowe’s, part number 117272.  It is battery operated and the sensor end is detachable with a 6 foot length of wire.  It works very well, but it is not loud enough to be heard 2 stories above, and of course it can’t be heard when no one is home.  I live in Colorado and have a full finished basement.  An extended water leak in the basement could lead to a giant, unwanted swimming pool.  What I want to create is an arduino microcontroller that ties into the alarm sensor and gives me some communication alternatives if the alarm is activated.  I have 2 “always on” WiFi access points that are connected to the internet via Centurylink DSL.  I have never worked with an arduino, but it looks like I can purchase a shield that provides WiFi capability.  Can it be programmed to send out texts or make prerecorded phone calls?  Would a different controller be better to use than the arduino?  Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


You can do this with off the shelf parts from folks like X10, rather than the complexity of making your own.

What you want to do can be done of course, but the costs in time and money are more than the X10 bits I suspect.

You can buy units like this http://www.audon.co.uk/gsm_alarm/tcwt22.html


Thanks for the reply Steve, I'll check it out.