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How to tilt a bed / linear actuators? Answered

I'm thinking about making an alarm clock that literally gets me out of bed! The alarm clock would start tilting the bed to one side, untill i either get out of bed, or fall out of bed :) I was thinking of using linear actuators on one side of the bed to do the tilting. Does anyone here have any experience with linear actuators? How strong are they, and where can I buy them cheaply? Any other ideas on how to tilt a bed? Cheers - Chr


hydraulic jack don't know how you would set the time though... maybe set up something to start it up?

That's the easy part.. Just hack an alarm clock to send a signal to a microcontroller, which in turn controls the tilting sequence :p

Use a huge bag that fills with air from a compressor. As the bag fills one end of the bed rises until you fall out,

Lol I think the sound of the compressor would wake me up long before the bed started to tilt :)

I meant with the compressor in your garage. They use the same principle (on a larger scale) to flip over 18 wheelers that crash and flip over. Or you could use a conister of air (maybe co2) that you could recarge every night with a compressor.

How about a scissors jack hooked to a motor?

I've seen quite a few hospital beds, and they frequently seem to have worm drives.