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How to transmit video from Raspberry Pi to an analogue television set. Answered


I am working on a project that transmits video from the Raspberry Pi to an analogue television set.
I am wanting it to use no USB transmitters or any other USB dongles (just a single wire from a GPIO pin).
I have looked around on the internet on how analogue tv sets work and what they receive, apparently the video is transmitted on the AM band, and the audio is transmitted on the FM band.
If anyone has any information on how to do this or knows about an article on this subject(or even know if this is possible:) ) please let me know.



You would need to build a radio transmitter on the appropriate frequency, your not going to be able to buy one.

However all such frequencies are closely controlled by government and allocated to various uses so without a licence to transmitt your going to get into trouble!.

i thought the government abandon the analog tv signals in most states

They di but I guess if you have a TV that works on those frequencies you could transmit to it anyway. (just avoid upsetting the people who have bought the use of that frequency for other purposes.

What frequency would i use? I was playing around with my tv settings and i found out they receive between the 100.00MHZ to 1000.00MHZ.

So if i set my transmitter to 100.00MHZ and the analogue channel on the tv to 100.00MHZ


3 years ago

i have a very old black and white TV. at present, m getting Doordarshan national analog telecast without any antenna if i want to add a channel which will show display of my raspberry pi without any HDMI, how can i transmit analog signal to the TV??


I dont have a radio transmission licence,I was using PIFM to transmit audio to a radio, so could something like that be used to transmit video?

You don't have to broadcast on the TV's frequencies. You can convert the signal and transmit it to a separate receiver attached to the TV that will then convert it back to an AV signal for the TV to use. But doing such a thing is beyond my working knowledge and will not be easy to accomplish.

Do you have a radio transmission licence ? The Pi has an analogue video output jack that has all the data in it that you need.