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How to treat acetate (transparency film) to avoid ink from chipping Answered

Hey y'all!

I've got an odd issue with some transparency film that I'm sure one of you will be able to help me solve! I have a book of prints which I've been inkjet printing on to acetate. It's a lovely book, but the issue I keep running into is that the ink will rub off should someone or something happen to scratch the "wet" side of any of the prints. The prints also gather dust on this side, which after a while makes for a very dusty book! Does anyone have any idea of a treatment method (maybe a spray or a varnish) that would seal in the ink, protecting the prints from dust and scratches? I realize I could just print it on another type of photo paper and probably not have this issue, but I'd like the prints to be translucent (it creates a layering effect that's important to the finished book). Any suggestions gladly welcomed!




Hi all I printed on to clear sheets but I ajusted my HP printer setting to

Fast set printing first and have had no trouble with it rubbing off

You ajust by going into setting on the printer hope this helps.

I used these clear sheets quite a lot when I was still engraving glass as a hobby.

There are only a few brands out there that are really suitable for ink jets.

Chipping, breaking and rubbing off of the print are common problems.

And as Cjnivrei said, I only used the the ones with a rough side as these are coated and treated to soak the ink in.

I tried some of the fully type but think they are ony good to write on them with a marker...

For ink jet it really matters to have the suitable paper (foil) for the ink in use.

Although a bit costly I had the best results using original ink together with the transparecy foils from the same manufacturer.

I know it is not really the perfect solution by did you think of laminating your pages?
It should fuse together completely and there would be no more problems with ink, water or dust.

I use this method sometimes for labels on control panels where I cut out the holes for switches and other things when laminated.

I only have the regular acetate... You know the ones with no 'rough side'. I can't find acetate for inkjets. How can I print on it? I was gonna make book marks of for my friends. So the help is much appreciated.

Maybe you should look into some of the methods to the care of animation cels. I believe most of them are encased in protective clear sheets but that would not work in the context of your book page overlays. Maybe printing on a fine grade of vellum instead of acetate may work? Could you print on a thinner acetate and then do a hot lamination of a backer layer? Consumer inkjet inks are not supposed to stick on slick surfaces.


5 years ago

Try an artist spray, usually termed "fixative" or "workable fixative."

Also--are you using plain acetate sheets, or inkjet transparencies? Sheets made specifically for inkjet should have a texture or "tooth" that would prevent the problem... Some types of fixative might even offer a more glossy finish to the inkjet sheets.

Have you tried laser-printing? The pigment gets fused to the sheet.

Just tried a conservator-quality spray varnish to no avail. Because the acetate is clear, the varnish shows up as a texture.