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How to turn .STL files into .SVG files? Answered

Im looking to laser cut a part but i need to figure out how to get a cross section file saved as an SVG file.
I made the part on inventor, exported it and then tried to upload it to 123D design but it wont allow me.
What do i do?


You can use stltosvg.com, its free

I have the same issue. I'm starting to play around with Slic3r. File --> "Slice to SVG".

use tinkercad online service it will import stl file and export result in svg format.

Not sure if this will help, Ive been playing with a free program "mesh lab" it can convert most 3d files into more useful formats.
it will convert an stl into a dxf but svg is not an option. I would think that any laser cutter would use the more universal dxf file. that said
you may have to redraw your project as a laser cutter needs a 2D drawing.
i have done a series of instructables on the subject, which has a link to a free drawing program.
You should be able to produce 2D drawings in inventor, but Im sorry im just not familiar with it.
Are you able to undo the extrusion and export the 2d drawing as a dxf or svg?
have a look at
I hope it helps

Sorry i didn't understand his questions and gave the wrong answer i thought that he has a .stl file which is some how change format to svg file! thanks for making me understand what he is asking.

Slice it up , with a program like FreeSteel's Slicer

Why "SVG", and not say, DXF ?

123D is supposed to export "LaserSheets", that might be what you need.