How to turn a Ps2 controller into a Pc controller ? Answered


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Hi i was woundering if there is a way to detach the end of a ps2 wire and conect on a usb plug would this be posiable. Any other idea would be much appreciated.Thank you


Thanks Every one for your help!!!!

USB devices need software and controllers to manage data through the USB connection. This is the tricky bit, you want to use the insides from a PC controller (and wire-up the switches right) or do as yokozuna advises.


o thanks for the idea but would it work my idea beacause i have a ps3 now so the controller is no use to me

I'm sure it can be done, but don't have a pin readout for you to follow. The converter solves the problem too, and is cheap enough not to be cost prohibitive (and guaranteed to work when you're done).