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How to turn matresses into a sofa? Answered

Hi guys,
I have two fairly old and unused doublesided spring mattresses, measuring 190x90x19 cm each.

I am thinking of turning them into a compact convertible sofa that would allow me to sit during the day and sleep when necessary.

Could anyone come up with an idea of a chassis to hold the matresses, that would make the conversion process as easy as possible?

Was thinking about a chest & rails stuff, but never came up with anything substantial, as my designs were lacking proportions (too deep, too tall, that kind of stuff).


Just use a murphy bed pattern for it.

You'll have to consider counterbalance when getting up and down from the bed once it's rolled out, and that might mean filling the base with concrete or bolting it to the floor.  Plus, it would be a really deep sofa and not really comfy without a lot of cushions.  It might be best to build a base and backboard for a single mattress and load it with foam block cushions for back support.

Hi AngryReadhead,

what you are saying is exactly what I was concerned about - the sofa being too deep.

As far as a weight thing is concerned, that indeed is an issue I did not think about.

The Idea of making a back support is OK but eliminates the convertibility into a double bed (or I am imagining it wrong?).



It would eliminate the possibility of converting it into a side-by-side mattress bed, but the side-by-side mattress bed would only be feasible if you can bolt the base to the floor or add a whole lot of weight inside the base.  If you can bolt it to the floor or add weight to the base, you would probably want cushions for back support and decrease the depth.  The cushions would be removable since they're only cushions.  The hardware for your proposed project would be quite expensive and might undermine your rationale for creating it in the first place.  And then you have to consider how you're going to attach the occasionally vertical mattress to the frame to prevent it from flopping over, how the sofa/bed will float in the room, what it will actually look like with sheets/coverings (and their cost), how you will put the coverings on once the occasionally vertical mattress is secured to the frame, etc.  If it is a specific design element for your home that you have to have, that's one thing, but generally I don't think it would be feasible as far as cost, time, effort, aesthetics, and functionality go.

Seems like you're trying to drive me off the idea, to cut that short ;-)

Let's forget my original idea and drawing then and switch into constructive mode.

How would you make use of the two mattresses?