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How to use 3 Month Prize/Gift Subscriptions Answered

I sent an email last week and haven't received a response, so I was hoping maybe someone could help me.  My subscription was set to renew 2 weeks ago, and I am set up for automatic payment through paypal.  I have over a years worth of the 3 month subscriptions lined up.  I thought when my current subscription was through the first 3 month one would kick in.  Instead I was charged for the year and still have like 5 "3 month" subscriptions left. 
What do I do to use them instead of paying for the year?  


Under "You > Pro Membership" there should be a list of all your prize subsciptions with a clickable link and a a redemption code, click the link, redeem the code.

I have done that, I did that as soon as I got them and they were moved to a section that said :

Upcoming Memberships
The below membership(s) are gifts you've redeemed. They are waiting for your current one, above, to expire (on Dec 21, 2011). When this happens the next membership will automatically take effect, you won't have to do anything.

That's what it says today. At the beginning of the month it said "Dec 21, 2010" is when my membership expired, so I thought they would just "poof" take effect, but they didn't...

Sounds like you should contact Randofo directly, since he's the community manager.