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How to use a YL-34 programmer with ATMega32A PU ? Answered

So... A while ago I bought me a programmer, a YL-34. Just like this one : http://thumbs1.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/mlUIj-G-RRAwnOSG5Bm_BxA.jpg
As far as I can see, this board just connects the pins with connectors, has a Xtal on the right pins, a reset and lines that go to the 10-pin connector.
I would like to use the chips (which have an Arduino Bootloader in them), and program them with the programmer/ board I have.
But... How?
I tried the Arduino as an ISP, but no go...
I have also some FDTI boards, USB to serial.

Please, anyone? I would love to use those controllers for some projects, so I don't have to use my Arduinoboards.
If you can tell me how to program them (over Arduino IDE)? Or, if you know a good starterguide for programming these ("ATMega 32 PU for Dummies"...

Thank you so much!



3 years ago

Hello ChrisP SR,

I found a lot of help on the instructable and site I mentioned below! I made a little cable to connect the board with a UNO, and managed to run the Blink sketch on the AtMega 32 PU.


3 years ago

Hi I am having the same difficulties with this board as the starter of this thread.

Does any one out there know how it can be done


3 years ago

You need to be able to set the board in the Arduini IDE in order to be able to program.
Otherwise the fuse bits won't be set or the board is not recognised at all.
So fist you would have to find the definitions for the Arduino IDE or a version that offers support for your boards.
Then you need the right bootloader, although that should be included within the IDE.
What programmer you use is not that important only that you have support for it and the board in question.