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How to use a television remote to on/off a DC motor? Answered

I want to make infrared remote control for dc motor using a tv remote. Please help me!!!!


Here is a Kit sold by Jameco and I Quote

"This kit produces a small PC board (2"x2") that is capable of
controlling two channels in one of several ways. It can "learn" two
control codes from any of a vast majority of the existing infrared (IR)
remote control devices that are commonly included with many electronic
and electric devices such as TV, DVD player, cable box, VCR, and even an
air conditioner remote. After the learning process, it retains those
codes in inviolate but reprogrammable memory and responds whenever those
codes are received. The two channels provide On/Off outputs in a
variety of output types, including logic, transistor (open collector or
with a pull-up resistor) and DPDT relay." http://www.jameco.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Pr...

The relay will On/off your DC motor.

Using a TV remote is more complicated than one might think.

They use digital code sequences that are repeated a few times.
You would need to know what type of codes is used by the remote and program the receiver accordingly - too much hassle for such a simple task.

You can get a wireless remote with switching relay for under 20 bucks on Ebay, under 10 if you only need one channel.
Iceng also pointed out an alternative that sounds good.
Making your own is always fun but these days buying something for the job is often much cheaper than sourcing the parts you need for a project.

I've always just captured the digital Signal by recording it with an arduino + IR Receiver. Just press a button on the remote control and use the arduino to record the sequence. then play it back with a IR Led !

There should be links to a few of these on the right hand side on the page :)

Still takes some electronic wizardry though :P


3 years ago

You can find all sorts of neat remote control kits at this one Source JAMECO


They sell great kits from $9 up with decent instructions unlike you the spars help from China products that may not work. Here are some interesting facts on IR light.


InfraRed light is invisible deep red light that can be modulated like radio electromagnetic waves. IR light can carry a great deal of information in a line of sight see pic 2. However the first pic will reverse a motor but you could simply make it start by waving your hand. The last pic is a kit to remote start anything.

I will gladly help you make a remote control control that works just ask me.


5-PIR Rly.GIFxIrRemote.GIFir.jpg

3 years ago

Heck, you can even use what the RC model people like to use!!!!


A 3 phase DC brushless motor, a brushless ESC (electronic motor controller) and a digital I/O board, like the arduino. You control the ESC the exact same way as a standard servo, the difference is that a servo with go to some angle based on the PWM input, (the on-time, 1000ms-2000ms correlates to an angle of I think 0 degrees to 90 degrees, or for the ESC, that is no throttle to full speed.)


3 years ago

That's easy! I have seen MANY arduino versions of that used, I think KipKay's latest video was going over how to make a device that you can program a button on any standard IR remote to make a anything you want turn on and off.

He used a servo motor to control a switch. A far better method would be to use a proper relay. (that method is like using a bulldozer to thread a needle)