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How to use a transformer? Answered

How to use a transformer?


I usually prefer to use the smaller ones as they make a good paper weight for these windy days during spring.

If you call 32°C spring...
Someone forgot to tell nature the summer is not due yet LOL
Currently lucky to make it under 20 over night :(

That would be a very hot spring day here but I'm north of the 44th parallel as down under you would be one month away from peak of the Tropic of Capricorn so the hottest is yet to come.

Transformers come in to many types for a short answer so
here is a simple 2 winding transformer.

You put an alternating current in the primary coil and
you get an alternating current out of the secondary coil.

If the primary coil has more windings than the secondary
coil it is a step down transformer.

If the secondary coil has more windings than the primary coil
it is a step up transformer.

If you need more information try these sights.




8 months ago

Talk nice to it :)

Then it will change from a car to a transformer robot !


Then, if it has wires, how heavy is it ?

Transformers for Jazz need you to explain more information of what you need.,

I cannot read your mind, because my multimedia glass-ball is at polish shop until next week..