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How to use an arduion to read 0-10vdc and convert it to 0-5k ohms out.Need this to control a curtis speed controller? Answered


What a nasty interface. Sorry you have to mess with it. I'd ASK Curtis if it will accept a voltage instead if I were you.

What kind of resolution were you looking for ? I'd guess 32 steps would be enough ?


Yup,messy indeed,just got a bit of luck though.I inventoried my supply of controllers and found one that accepts a 0-5volt input.I checked its price and there costly to replace,but I have it and will use this one.Id still like an arduino circuit for most of my other controllers.Thanks for the advice so far.

Measure the voltage across the pot when you turn it, out of interest. I've PMed you a viable solution.


Why do you think you need to be programmed resistor ? Most of these things are usually voltage controlled. If you HAVE to be a resistor, personally, I would add a part like this  -though many companies offer similar parts. Be very careful about the maximum voltage ratings though.


Hello,thank you for your response.My idea here it to make a pedal powered/assisted bicycle.I would be running the pedal drive sprocket to a tach/generator that would provide a 0-10 volt reference voltage.I have a few curtis 1204 and simular speed controllers that are controlled by a 5k pot input.
I have tried to make a motor driven potentiometer with a spring return to zero ohms,but found this to be unreliable and bulky.I now want to investigate using an arduino to look at a 0-10 vdc input and convert it to the 0-5k ohms required to control the speed controller.I think there would be many applications for people that want to retrofit there bikes and gokarts to something that will act like an assist mechanism.I see there are commercial bike drice products out there ,such as the Binox and panasonic systems.There way out of my budget,but with the arduino and a a digital pot and some surplus golfcart controllers,this could be done under $100 and have much more universal applications.Im not good at programing the arduino yet ,but feel the code would not be difficult.Im thinking someone has already come up with this scheme ,but have had no luck searching for it.I turn to this forum and ask the experts.