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How to use ipod screen as raspberry pi monitor? Answered

I have several ipods that more or less seem to have puked on me; i have one-5gen Ipod Video, one Ipod classic and one 16gb gen2 Ipod Touch. 
The two former ipods have failed hdd's, but the screens should still theoretically work. The ipod touch is more or less fully functional, minus the speaker/headphone jack. It is also jailbroken. 

I wanted to make a super small portable gaming setup with my raspberry pi, and im wondering how (if it is possible) i might be able to salvage one of my ipod screens to use as the display. Does anyone know how?

Also, seeing as the raspberry pi has the hdmi output, how would i go about incorporating speakers into the unit as well?


The below shows how to use a ipad as a screen for a Pi, maybe the same would work for a touch? I think you would have to be connected to a network .

EDIT: disregard the bit about the sound, i totally forgot the rPi has output for it

+ don't quote me on this, but I don't think the rpi has full hdmi audio support...iirc you need to use the headphone out port for audio.

Not going to happen. The drivers for the screen don't have any way of connecting an external input. But there are plenty of small color screens on the market that can be easily connected to the PI like you want.