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How to use one AC to DC power adapter to power 2 devices? Answered

More specifically I would like to use one power adapter to power two of the exact same device.  I would like to know what the "equation" would be in general for the future.  Do I just use the same volts and double the amperage?  If I also add a fan, would I just add the required amps to the power adapter requirement, assuming voltage requirement was the same for both devices and fan?  Any input is appreciated.


You will see two wires from the adopter just connect the two devices as parallel and if the power is low use capacitors it's quiet easy!

Yep, you've got it.

The adapter needs to have twice the outputpower, and the SAME output voltage, so needs to be able to supplytwice the output current.

Yes, add the current that the fan needs.

Look at your total current requirement in amps's, combined - that should match what the power supply can provide. Your thinking is right on this, like steve said already.