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How to use this piece Answered

Well looks like a digital player, I've tried to attach a battery in various terminals but nothing happened even short-circuit, furthermore wanted to know how to do it lyrics



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Hang on. Before you start trying stuff with that VFD display Look at the getter. on the screen there should be a silvery smudge. This is the Getter which helps sustain vacuum in the end of the production run. If this internal smudge is exposed to air due to a display leak it turns into a pale white. I'm asking cause i see a smudge that appears White...altough it may just be the camera. if its indeed white then your display me be broken Anyway.

VFD are vacuum displays. by sending a low voltage trough the Filament (those wires spun accross the display) electrons move through the display. if the correct Grid and Anode are driven with a high-voltage (could be between 10 and 30v) it should work.

Ideally you should look for the datasheet of the display (should be a reference number or something on it somewhere).

You should be able to figure out the Filament pins with a multimeter. The filament pins are the only one with a low resistance between them. dont connect any high-voltage on the filament.

The OP looks to be using a dumber display than you show in your Instructable though.

Yea When you salvage a VFD you need to do the same thing I did in my Instructable Salvaging LCDs and get the driver IC or reverse engineer it to get the pin outs so you can use a multiplexer.

I got that VFD module for that Instructable for free. I just asked and Nortake gave it to me. Someone said they go for over $100.


4 years ago

Vacuum fluorescent need to be handled carefully to maintain the vacuum.

The display can be blue-green or yellow.

it can be multiplexed and needs high voltage drivers ie you cannot simply drive it from uP pins.

These displays "out-gas" meaning they get dimmer with time in use .

That is a vacuum fluorescent display.You will need the driver board for the display if you want to use it.

That's a starburst vacuum fluorescent screen. It probably needs ~30 V to do anything. Any reference numbers on it ?