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How to view the view of a SQ8 camera on your computer? Answered

So I got this SQ8 camera just for fun. Right now I'm wondering if I can show the the camera's view on my laptop? The SQ8 say it can connect to TV and show it's view, can I do the same with my laptop?

Here is what I conclude: The USB port of the SQ8 provides 8 wires. However, the cable is split into 2 wire, 1 to the USB head (which have 4 wires) and 1 to the plug for the TV (by the look of things, there is only 2). I have no idea how data is transferred, but here is my guess. The USB head will provide power for the camera to charge and the last 2 wire may have to do something with shutting the connection (If I press the on/off button on the camera, my laptop signal the device has disconnected/reconnected to my laptop).  The 2 wire that transfer the image to the TV is the yellow head, which I have 0 clue how it works cause I haven't learn about it. My question is: is it possible to take this 2 wire to connect and display my camera's view?

Here are pictures that I took. In the pics there is the port that the camera has and the 2 end of the cable. 



9 months ago

The problem isn't a hardware problem but a software problem, the SQ8 is a DVR Camera a Digital Video Security Camera which needs DVR software to work along with the USB cable you already have.

I found that DEBUT
Software worked just fine on my PC with
no in-built Camera, but on my laptop with in-built camera I had trouble getting
the software to switch to the SQ8

Debutp Video setup.JPG

2 years ago

A Video/Audio Capture & Converter Cable is used to watch video on a PC from things like a camcorder, VCR, DVD player, satellite receiver, or surveillance system. I suspect that the SQ8 composite video works the same way. Sabrent has one of the cheapest https://www.amazon.com/Sabrent-USB-AVCPT-Digital-Video-Adapter/dp/B0011N9QNC


2 years ago

As it is the output of the camera is Composite video via the RCA plug It is possible the USB plug carries video data BUT your going to need some software to untangle it so you can view it.

You could put the SD card in an USB adapter and feed the data in directly. But your still going to need software to view.