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How to wash my sofa? Any good product I can use? Answered

Got some dirty spots on my sofa. Any one knows how to wash them off?




Best Answer 5 years ago

What kind of upholstery is it? Leather, plastic or cloth? If it is a cloth material you can use a steamer or a carpet cleaning machine with furniture attachment after it is pretreated with cleaning fabric foam.


5 years ago

Thank you all, steamer worked well!

I would try using oxyclean laundry detergent. It works to clean baseball caps that nothing else will clean. Try it on a test location like mpilch suggests to be sure it doesnt discolor the fabric.

It depends upon the spots; what are they?



We've used a product called Kids and Pets, which I've found at Wal-Mart, and it works quite well and doesn't have a harsh chemically scent.

I like Scotchgard Fabric and Upholstery Cleaner. I use it in the house and the car. Its like a dry foam that you apply, rub in and then vacuum out. It cleans really well and also leaves behind a protectant to repel stains in the future. 

I've used Resolve carpet clear with great results. But they also offer a multi fabric cleaner. Just follow the direction on the back for upholstery. Test it on a location of the coach that isn't seen much to make sure it doesn't discolor the fabric.