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How to wire leds together? Answered

How might I wire 25 LEDs ( total 60v) together? Right now I'm planing to wire them in one series connected to seven 9v batteries (63v) wired in a series (LOL?). I'm using the batteries because I don't want to have to deal with AC and I would like to be able to use the LEDs if the power goes out. I will add a 150 ohm .6 watt resistor and a switch in the circuit. Am I doing this right, or is there a better and/ or safer way to do this?  


there is definitely a safer way to do this!
Wire ALL the LEDs in parallel (with each one having a 270 ohm resistor) and wire the 9v batteries in parallel. The highest voltage in the circuit is 9v so it's safe. Have fun!

there are 2 ways to do it. 1)wire it cathode to cathode anode to anode and that will have a constant voltage but the amperage increases. 2)wier cathode anode cathode anode and that will have a constant amperage but the voltage increases hope this helps:D


8 years ago

If you use 9 volt battery, and I count that forward voltage of LED is 3.2 volts, 20 miliamps. Here is(and there are 150ohm ressistors).