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How to wire 32 3mm LED's in a string? Answered

hi everyone

I am trying to re-wire a lighting fixture at home that stopped working.

I purchased 32 x 3mm clear LEDs and wired them in a row originating at the original LED driver (see details in pic). Unfortunately due to the dissipation of current down the line I cannot get the string to light up. I was wondering if adding resistors will help my issue, and if so how many resistors do I need to add.

What I understand is that the driver is outputting 50volts of direct current (please correct me if I am wrong) then having 32 x 3mm leds of the driver I am pulling 3volts from each bulb (hence exceeding my driver).

My question is if I directly wire this to the outlet 110v AC can I simply add resistors to prevent overload? or should I be doing something else like changing out the driver or changing out the LEDs to 1w LEDs?

Really appreciate any feedback!!


you might be able to run it on ac with a suitable diode to prevent reverse bias . I can see flicker from leds at 60 hz. some people cant.

that was part of question - if I was to remove the driver out the equation and try and run the 32 leds on ac how many resistors would I need? is it a matter of taking 110volts - 32 x 3v? or am I missing something?

did you pay attention to polarity which side is + or - when wiring the leds?

Thanks for the response. Yes I connected them positive to negative in a string as this was how the light was originally wired.

reversing polarity can fry an led. ac reverses 60x / second.