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How to wire 4 fans to 4 sitches for a DIY laptop cooler? Answered

I have 4 CPU fans and I want to wire each of them to its own switch and then all 4 fans (with the 4 switches) to one master switch. How can I do that?

The fans are 80mm 12v DC and are now connected to an adapter directly.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Here's a youtube vid of the fans: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGMVReCZ5Os [There's only 3 in the video and pictures but I have added a 4th]


That looks nice. Do you want the master to isolate them all, or just turn them all on?


Thanks. What do you mean by 'isolate'? I want the master to turn them all on. It should basically be that the master opens the power to all 4 fans and their switches, and then I can turn each fan individually on or off with its own switch. So, if the master is off then no power goes to the fans. For example; If the master is turned on and the indi. switches are in the off position the fans will be off until I turn the indi. switch on. I hope that makes sense. hehe. Mike

That's simple then (grey blobs are switch terminals). The other way is to have them turn on and off individually or turn them all on with a master switch. By isolate I mean "turn all off".



Wow, thanks a lot!

That really helps. =) Now All I need to do is make a wooden panel to house all the switches and and this should be ready by tomorrow. I'll make a video and report back when it all works.

Thanks for the help again. You saved me a lot of time trying to figure this out.

That's easy, the other way is harder. Your case looks nice - be good to see it finished. L

Yes - very good - should take the heat out of the sweatiest laptop!. L