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How to wire a 12 v dc pump? Answered

 12 volt 16.5 amp dc pump to a 12 volt power source with a 20 amp fuse...battery on motorhome is 35 feet away.  Instructions for flojet motor say to use 10 gauge wire if more than 25 feet.


20A is a lot, I wouldn't think your battery booster pak would supply enough power (but it should say what it's max output is in amps and for how long).
+ve to +ve -ve to -ve, use heavier wire if you have it. When the wire gets too thin / long you lose too much power in the wire as heat.
You could carry a spare battery and use that?


 I was thinking of plugging in the power pak with the included adapter, during the use of the pump.

Will the pak supply what you need? I'm guessing at ~15A


You have the info you need.  I would go to a larger wire  8 gauge or thicker. 

What is it that you need to know?

 Can i use a short(3 foot ) 12 gauge wire and hook up an inline 20 a fuse to my portable battery booster pak's alligator clamps, instead of running it 35 feet to the battery under the hood?  Would the neg wire just get hooked to any metal on the chasis?  Thank You for any info 

Just hook the two wires on the pump to the battery. No need to tie anything to the frame for something temporary.

Your other alternative would be to carry 35 feet of hose / tubing?