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How to wire a light to an alarm clock? Answered

Where I work during the summer I consistently have to switch between the day and night shifts. This happens every month or so and during the first week of transition I have a rather hard time waking up especially from transition from day to night shifts where I have to sleep during the day. Thus it is dark when I am supposed to wake up. Although I have not been late yet there have been quite a few "near-misses". Anyway I want to know if anyone can help me wire a light to my alarm clock to help this. My alarm clock alternates between a one second-ish noise to an equal length silence and repeats. I would like it to turn on and off in the same fashion as the alarm clock makes noise. I do not have much electrical know how, but I am adequate at soldering both wires and on boards. I have tested the output of the wires leading to the speakers and they do not have enough power to turn on the bulb. It would also be nice if can be done on a wallet friendly cost, college is eating up most of my money. Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance!


Seconding the "relay" answers. The trick is to find a relay that will trip using the current supplied to the alarm. Since you already know what the output to the alarm speaker is, you should be able to use that info to find a suitable relay, if one exists.
Also, framistan's timer solution is a good one, but I'd suggest using a xenon strobe light with it. That'll get you out of bed in a big hurry.

I modified my alarm clock to do that. I opened up the alarm clock and found the two wires that powered the radio portion of the circuit.  I wired a SMALL relay that onlly uses a few milliamperes to activate.... to those 2 wires.  Then the contacts of the relay i wired to 110 volt  wire and to an extra outlet to plug a small lamp into.  You must have a little knowledge of electronics to do it though... however, here is another idea you might rather try.   Just get one of those 24 hour timers that people plug into lamps so their house looks like "someone is home" when they are on vacation... so lights keep cycling on and off during day and night to fool neighbors into thinking someone is home so their house doesn't get robbed.  Just set it to go off a few minutes before your alarm clock.    No rewiring of your alarm clock is necessary. 

Hook a microphone to a locking relay or locking electronic switch.  The mic picks up the sound of the alarm and locks on.  The relay turns on the light and you wake up.  There is no electrical connection between the clock and the lighting mech.