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How to wire a start and run capacitor to an ac motor Answered

 Dear All..
Please could you help me to know how to wire this motor (please see my picture) whit schema diagram and valuer of capacitor Thank you in advance.



supply tp black and white cap between black and red.

Thank you so much for your help.
Could you please tell me more the value of
capacitor must to connector with this motor,and Your Reply((supply tp black and white cap between black and red.)
tp= what is mean???.
Thank you and kind regards


Try a 4uF motor start cap.

Dear Steveastrouk..
I will to buy CAP in tomorrow,and let you know the result.Thank you again for your time help me.
Kind regards.


Answer 6 years ago

Dear Steveastrouk and All...
Here the reply from Regal Beloit Distribution :
The pictured motor 71606276 is a split-phase design and not a capacitor run. The motor requires an external relay to start.

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