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How to wire an actuator to reverse polarity with relays only, no switchs? Answered

I'm using the L12 S Firgelli actuator in my project.
If I applied 12v and Ground to respective leads the actuator will expand if I reverse the wires the actuator will retract.

I need this:

When I turn my car on the actuator will expand and when I turn my car off the actuator will retract.

How do I wire the relays? Again I don't use a switch.



I need to know how to reverse Positive polarity threw my relay for my lock and unlock in my dodge Durango. Or some way to make my doors lock and unlock

I know this is an old post, but it's exactly what I'm looking to do.. The problem is that my relay doesn't have the same post identifiers that are listed in AnotherBrian's picture..

I have an R14-11D10-12 DPDT relay and the posts are in 2 columns of 4 labeled 1-8 with numbers 7 and 8 turned 180 degrees.. I have no idea which is common, NO, NC..etc.

I have a 65 Buick Riviera and I replaced the headlight motor with an actuator. I'm trying to get the actuator to open the clamshell headlights with the trigger of the headlight wire, and retract (close) when the lights are off.

That diagram looks exactly what I need, If I could only have it translated for my relay lol!

Thanks in advance!

When you say you don't want a switch, I'm assuming that you want the actuator to automatically extend when the car is turned on and retract when it's turned off, like automatic antennas. If that is the case, then the circuit is simple. The fuse is optional but always a good idea. The diode is also optional, but is useful, because it will soak up the voltage spike generated by the relay coil when it is turned off.


I'm sorry, you didn't say WHY you can't use a switch, and if you can't, WHAT you expect to use instead to engage the relay.

If you can't read I feel sorry for you. I said I DON'T WANT TO USE A SWITCH.

If you don't know better than to insult a professional engineer who might have assisted you, well, I don't feel sorry for you, I just think you're an uneducated wannabee with a chip on your shoulder.


7 years ago


Take it off the accessory point on the ignition switch

I know that! 12v from battery, ground and 12v (signal from acc at the ignition)
I need to know how to wire the relays.

Despite your answer, I will post this

Take a DPCO relay. Wire the motor to the poles of the CO switch.

Wire +12 to the NO on CO 1
Wire Ground to the NC on CO 1

Wire Ground to the N0 on CO2
Wire +12 to NC on CO 2

Wire the coil to your ACC point
I assume, since you don't say, or link your actuator in the question that all limit switching is done in the actuator.

> I know that!
.  That came across as being a bit rude. I'm guessing from your nick that English is not your primary language, so maybe it just lost something in translation. Be nice to steveastrouk - he likes to help ppl learn electronics and can teach you a lot.