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How to wire small solar cells to increase voltage? Answered

I need 10 solar cells that each produce .57v and .4 amp to be wired together to produce 5 v and 4 or 5 amp. (Series? Parallel? I just can't understand them very well!)

A simple drawing would be the best :)

Thank you all soooooooooooooooo much

Solved! Thank you for the help! here is a diagram of my solar charger (from what i learned here)


Wire the positive of one to the neg. of the other. Do this until you run out of cells. You should end up with a long chain of cells and one pos wire and one neg wire left. Use those as the pos and neg of our output of your cell. If you have 10 then your voltage will be approx. 5.7 volts. You can't get the volts you need and get 5 amps at the same time unless you buy more cells.

when I said 5 or 4 amp, i meant .5 or .4 amp. I guess I'm in luck! Series instead of parallel!

Thank you so much!