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How to wire solar cells to charge a twelve volt battery and power a light bulb at the same time? Answered

Okay so, I'm really lost and need some help for my school project. The goal is to charge a battery with solar cells that will power up a lamp/light bulb (whichever I can more feasibly do). I've constructed a series of panels that puts out about 17 volts. I understand that I will need to connect to positive and negative ends of the series to the respective ends on the twelve volt battery I have, but then I don't know how I wire in the light bulb?? I haven't taken any physics yet so I don't know much about electricity yet.
I have an outlet kit like this one:http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41kJjoNq2YL._SL500_SS500_.jpgwhich I received cause I was going to plug in a lamp? But I have no idea how I would do that so I'm probably just going to use this mounting bracket I have. 
But again. I don't know how to physically do that. 
Do I need to solder another wire to one of the cells in the series and then just solder it to the end of the light bulb?
I'm probably going to need a very dumbed-down explanation of what exactly I need to do to get this thing working. 
Thank you sssoooooo much if you can help!


You can't run a 110V bulb on a 12V supply.....
What battery are you trying to charge ?

You need to teach yourself some basic electricity, school won't do it for you.

I don't know how old you are, but here in the UK, most kids are taught the basics by the time they are 11 or so,

I live in America.. which doesn't quite have the best education system.
Anyhow, I was told by two adults with knowledge in this field that I could power my 12 volt bulb(50 watts) with it?
I'm charging a lithium lightning battery.

Sorry I just saw the110 Outlet, which you don't need. What are you having using to charge the lithium battery? They can be very dangerous charged incorrectly. What is a lightning battery?

I just read the label on the battery to be honest. Thats what it said. and I'm using my solar cell series- putting the positive wire and the negative wire on the proper spots using plugs.

LITHIUM batteries should be charged by electronic chargers, not by connecting directly to a supply.

For a complete beginner, you should use a sealed lead acid battery.

Well its a good thing I didn't connect it yet! haha.
Turns out I had a perfectly fine, 12volt, unused sealed lead acid battery in my garage. Yay!
So I'll connect it to that battery instead. And then where would my light bulb come into play?

You'll ultimately put it across the battery, but not while its charging. You put a changeover switch from lamp to solar cell.

I see. So I guess my next step is getting a changeover switch then.
And then.. when you say "put it across the battery" … what exactly would that mean?
Sorry I'm so unintelligent when it comes to this stuff! I'm just.. like I said.. not smart.

You need to read some books on basic electricity. And there are any number of instructables that show what to do.

Okay well thanks so much for your help! Maybe I've slimmed my chances of blowing myself up over this project now.

I'd like to see a photograph of your solar panel setup, and then I can judge if you need anything else.