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How to wire this microphone? Answered

I am wondering how to wire this microphone. I took it off an old kit and i am just wandering as it may come in hand.




It is probably a condenser microphone. It needs a simple biasing circuit to drive it. There are plenty available on line. There's one here, in ascii art

I think you're right, but I hate ascii art diagrams.  Ascii art makes great art but terrible diagrams.

I've never used one, but I thought they needed biasing ?

.  They are biased. Read the first paragraph at the link.

The longer leads are positive and negative and the wide tab is a bendable tab to hold it

well electronic cigarettes use the mic to tell when you suck on it so the circuit turns on the heating coil but you could just use on computer as mic by connecting to mono 3.5 mm plug stereo is the most common

mono 1 black stripe tip is mono then back is ground
stereo 2 black stripes tip is left or right cant remember and last is ground
iphone 3 black stripes tip is mic left/right/ground

lookup pinouts on "pinouts.ru"

The microphone capsule should have one long pin that is connected to the microphone case - this is your mic ground, the other long pin is mic signal. the metal tab is for mounting it securely to a circuit board.

The most common circuit setup that will work is -

2.2k resistor from +5v to microphone signal pin

10 uF capacitor from microphone signal pin to output (positive pin goes to mic)

10k resistor from output to ground

wire from microphone ground pin to ground.

None of the part values or voltages above are critical, it will "work" with a wide range of values but you'll get different sensitivities and frequency responses.

The output signal will be quite tiny (a few millivolts), so you'll need to amplify it to do anything with it.

I dont know what its going to be i just want it in handy for some of my projects.

Pics below



be carefull. must be polarized to work. the pin lincked to the case is the ground.
sorry bad english.