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How to write a brochure that sells? Answered

How to write a brochure that sells? And can you suggest an online brochure printing company which I can ask help from?



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I smell homework.

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Over the years I've ordered dozens of brochures that were printed with less than expected quality, some being downright scrappy. A couple months ago my company in Sunrise FL, printed some brochures with PCA Delta, and they were great. I've been printing with them ever since. They show care for the environment by using soy based inks, plus recycled papers are available upon request. If you need brochures printed go to http://www.pcadeltaprinting.com/ I strongly recommend them.

There are plenty of tips you can follow to create brochures that sell: go for simple designs; use colorful images; create compelling and informative content; etc. Check out this blog to learn more about writing brochures: http://blog.printplace.com/5-tips-for-writing-a-better-brochure/. Printplace.com is also a good online printer you can check out.

You can find many helpful articles online. For one, I got an answer for your question from these sites:

So for you to create and then later on print brochures that sell, here's what you have to do:
-write with your audience in mind
-choose a compelling image for the cover of your brochure
-include useful tips and tricks to inspire readers
-consider unsusual shapes, colors and layouts but be careful not to over design
-simplify terms
-include table of contents, subtitles and page numbers


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Contact this member and ask her, she is pretty prolific.
I noticed that you have asked a lot of questions but have never acknowledged any of the answers.