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How to write code for Text extraction from Image using Raspberry Pi? Answered

Hi ...
I'm Student of Electronics . I'm Doing Project on Data extraction from the Image of  Vehicle License plate .

What are the algorithms I need to use in the software code to Extract Number from the License plate Image. What is the programming language Suitable for this task.?

Thank you.



4 years ago

Two methods to handle this, come to mind.

The most powerful software is a neural network


which can be trained by providing examples usually under a hundred per letter and then can be turned loose to identify images of existing letters even on a blurry Vehicle License plate photo with tilt and size differences.

Here is a library of neural networks http://leenissen.dk/fann/wp/

The other method is an expert system where you make a database of the License plate letter style in outline and then play target shift-rotate-&-enlarge in a matching algorithm.

EXAMPLE : CDs are made by laser burned circular tracks in a plastic disk. DVDs were thrice narrow tracks But in certain adjacent track binary combinations they would garble data. It was so complex that initially only a Neural Net could identify the probable track and data difficulty locations to avoid.. Making the DVD data compression density a reality


4 years ago

The keyword you should look for is OCR.


It's a very complicated technique where you should have advanced knowledge in programming and image processing.

Have a look at what compilers are available for Raspberry Pi (or even for a Linux OS ?) and what graphics libraries you could embed that meet your requirements.

This is a vary complex question. One which many companies have spent an enormous amount of time and money to develop such software. As such they are not willing to reveal the source code to their software. But start looking into different Text to speech software packages. Who knows maybe you'll find an open source solution you can use.

So how is performing digital processing related to being an electronics student?

While I don't have a product name several of the scanners Iv crossed had scan image to text sadw built in.

How much experience have you in programming ?

If its your project, its YOUR job to find out, not ask other people.