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How toxic is burning wine barrels to smoke food ? Answered

I would like to sell food smoked food that's been smoked with wine barrel wood. Ive been told that all barrels are treated with linseed oil or flax seed oil on the outside of the barrel and that burning this is toxic. Cant find any info and need some secure info so I don't get sued! Chow, Lance


If it's safe to store wine in them, I can't see why you can't use them to smoke food - if there's anything hazardous, it would leach into the wine.

Have you tried this at all before? Dies it taste OK?

Some substances are fairly neutral unless burned.

And "smoking" anything introduces carcinogens also.

I think I've heard that about burning the wood barrels as well. Linseed oil stinks when it burns and burns quite quickly. Not sure about flax seed.

You might check with one of the retailers or manufacturers to be sure. http://winebarrel.com/ has a phone number on thier site.