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How we select Instructables Interns Answered

Instructables has had a number of truly excellent interns including numberandom, fungus amungus, noahw, randofo, Tetranitrate, trebuchet03, reno_dakota, jessiep, and T3h_Muffinator. Our internships are primarily intended as a learning experience, and if I can't convince these awesome people to join Instructables full-time when they're ready, I'm still really happy when they find something better: Noahw and fungus amungus are now both on staff at Instructables, numberandom has joined the Squid Labs spin-out company Potenco, and randofo is a resident at Eyebeam. The rest of the crowd is still in school, but I'm certain they're also going to have impact.

Choosing interns is tough, and we do it in a variety of methods. I've interviewed candidates, encouraged people I've worked with before or known for a long time to considering joining, reviewed peoples' work on the site through their Instructables, or through their resumes and portfolios. For example, I had never met, nor even spoken with, Tetranitrate and trebuchet03 before I sent them messages offering internship positions; I knew from their writing and the way they interacted on the site that they were people I wanted to work with. Conversely, in just half an hour of chatting, both noahw and numberandom impressed me enough that I wanted to work with them too.

Much of what we do here is completely public (as evidenced by T3h_Muffinator's awesome intern journal entries). How someone behaves as a user is a pretty good indicator of how they'll behave as an intern. So, if you're thinking that you'd like to join us, one of the best things to do is to post a couple of great Instructables. If you're local, but aren't quite sure this is the thing for you, Tim is always looking for people to help him document. If you have a portfolio, try documenting a few of your projects on Instructables; if that doesn't work, send your portfolio along and we'll have a look. If you don't have a portfolio, make one (preferably on Instructables!).

I think this is a fun place to work. There's always lots of good food, and, if the season is right, kitesurfing lessons.


Any chance I could get a remote internship. Still in college & on the other side of the world. Love making stuff.

Work Experience: Embedded System Design, IoT& PCB Design.

Skills: ARM Programming, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Eagle, KiCAD, MATLAB.

My Github for more projects: https://github.com/jonathanrjpereira

You can also check out my Instructables for my project experience.

Hello Jonathan,

Thanks for your interest! Whenever we have positions open they are posted here: https://www.instructables.com/community/Positions-available-at-Instructables/

Instructables has grown and changed a lot in the 10 years since this forum post was initially made, but we still encourage anyone interested in working here to first become an active author on the site. And you're right there already, which is awesome.

Keep it up, and keep an eye on that jobs page and be sure to apply if anything becomes available. Cheers!

Sam (seamster)

Instructables Community Manager


2 years ago

I would love to applied for internship this summer!! Is there an announcement of application period?

could I intern there this summer?


8 years ago

How old do you have to be?

Dang! I just moved from about 30 min away from Alameda, maybe I could come by during the summer. Also is there a age requirement?


9 years ago

I REALLY want to be an intern,but there are a few criterias that make it impossible:
  • Not old enough
  • On the other side of the world
  • Plane tickets are so expensive
  • My parents wont move to the USA
  • A million other things.

This is it for me... Not old enough On the other side of the USA Can't legally move alone Don't have the money to move to the other side of the country Don't know how to become an intern And I'm sure there is more.

Why can't you guys move up here to Detroit with me and domaindude10? It'd be fun, I promise, It'd revitalize our area

Hey! look at me! My high school requires us to do an internship somewhere in are senior year so i need to know if you guys will take minors. I'm out going, ambitious, love building and using my hands. Fatal flaw: can't spell (thank God for spell check!)

I would love to intern, but I'm kinda on the other coast...I guess I'll just stick with the welcome wagon.

Ever since I found out about the coolest site on the web, I am DYING to intern here.

What about the gladiatorial combat to the death? They pulled me out of bed in the middle of the night, armed me with a sock full of quarters and locked me in a room with another user for over a week. There was nothing to drink and nothing to eat except for a bag of cheddar popcorn. Eventually desperation set in and I did something of which I am not proud. I know it is easy for others to say what I did was wrong, but really, how can you truly judge my actions? I'd like to think, if put in the same trying situation, most Instructables users would have resorted to the same course of action. Any which way, it is needless to say that fi5e has not posted any new Instructables in some time.

On a lighter note, after the death match was good and through with, they let me out of the room and gave me some New York style pizza. I got to make many cool new projects and learn the ins and outs of running a website. On a whole my internship was a valuable learning experience that I will never forget it (no matter how much therapy I receive).

In a bizzare and twisted sense, that actually sounds... fun?

is that a photo of you and Billy battling? Did this ever become part of an instructable?

is that a photo of you and Billy battling?
Perhaps :p

Did this ever become part of an instructable?
No, originally a similar photo was to be used for the intern T-shirts :)

Now that, that looks really fun!

Do you play Ultimate RPS?
Except, you use actual bats and hammers instead of blow-up toys...

My local community college offers courses on TV show production. If I were to take these, and submit a "pilot" episode, could I get an internship to come and try to make an Instructables TV show?

*jaw drops*
So my dream job second to being a space fighter pilot might be a possibility?

Why won't Kiteman accept hosting the Instructables show, where he demonstrates some instructables and occasionally chats about forum happenings? I think he would be perfect for such a thing....

... Cuz he has a comfy job ACROSS THE ATLANTIC

Ever hear of the internet? Email? Cameras?

I'm willing to move if you can get me a job

My guess is older than negative seven, but it might be more lenient ;-)


10 years ago

Awwwwwww....... :( WHY I LIVE IN WHERE I LIVE! :( I want that job...