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How well do electronics function under pressure ? Whats a SAFE limit ? Answered

I am building a pressurized environment and I need to house electronics


It depends on the electronics, some capacitors may be crushed under enough pressure, other components could have voids causing them to break, my suggestion would be to minimize the number of components inside the chamber since it's easy to make strong seal around a wire, any components that must be in the chamber - test them, use the same components roughly but test them individually, at say 20% above the maximum pressure it'll be maintaining. The reason for going above it lets you know there's a margin of error since the components may vary slightly...

Oddly enough, pressure may change the way they act again, as KJ said, depending on the components used and the quality of said components.

i think 4 atm atleast problem is pressure changes. electronic components (chips transistors etc) are not sealed. a too fast pressure change may kill them from inside