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How well will battlefield 3 and Batman: arkham city run on my pc? Answered

my pc specs are:
Processor= 1.8 GHz triple-core AMD
RAM= 8GB (we upgraded it :D)
GFX card= ATI mobility radeon hd 5470 512mb

my abundance of RAM gives the graphics card about 3G of video ram, just to let you know.
if you have a computer that runs these games, better or worse than mine, tell me the spec, and what framerate it runs at.
if you know the rough framerate i will get, then great! :D



Best Answer 6 years ago

Try a site like Can You Run It.

Not sure your CPU you will handle it. The BF3 min is a dual core of 2.4 for intel or 2.7 for AMD.
GPU memory size isn't as important as clock speed and memory interface.

Are you running a 64-bit CPU and windows?

My comp (runs BF3 without problems on Med to High settings):
AMD dual core 3.1 GHz CPU (Better)
6 GB (2x2 GB + 2x1 GB) high performance RAM (Worse/Equal, or better if you are running in 32-bits)
2x 9600GT OC (512 MB) (Better)
Crucial solid state drive (SSD, this is almost a requirement, it cuts BF3 map loads time from 2+ min to 10 seconds.) (Unknown)

I'll wrap up my rambling by saying that you may be able to run these games but the settings will probably have to be low and it could be choppy. Most laptops weren't meant to run graphics intensive things like current generation bleeding edge games.

im on 64-bit windows 7.
ive tried can you run it, and i meet the minimum for both. but before i spend £20+
on these games, i want to know what framerate i would get :D

I'm honestly not a frame rate person, if it looks good and runs smooth then I'm happy. I used http://unigine.com/products/heaven/ this to benchmark when I went SLI recently, I scored an average 60 fps. Also check http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/battlefield-3-graphics-performance,3063.html They did an extensive test of BF3 with a ton of GPUs and CPUs.

Look at the websites for battlefield 3 and Batman: arkham city, and look for standard benchmarking (e.g. Google "3d benchmark")