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How would I Record an original song onto a Greeting card computer chip / transistor / speaker Answered

I received a Hallmark Greeting card which played a song when opened. I want to record an original song and make my own singing cards. How would I do this? Does anyone know a manufacturer?


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Recently I  came across a whole slew of the cards that allow recording of music or voice, at a discount card display at some store....I kick myself for not getting a bunch of them at the time; because now I can't remember where they were (which store)....they were like a buck a piece which is cheaper then the chips cost....


10 years ago

There are cards that will record your voice and play it back when opened. Quality wasn't great on the last one I received, but voices were recognizable so it wasn't that bad. At a chip level, a company named ISD developed a set of chips that do this and are controlled by assorted means. They're currently available as Winbod ChipCorder chips. (12kHz max sample rate.)

I guess that this technology is now available from "Nuvoton":

Thanks. The Hallmark Card had the Hallelujia Chorus on it with great quality. I'm looking for that.

Yeah, they put that chip in a number of things, including some picture frames, etc. As westfw suggests, it would be cheaper to get the chip directly IF you can.